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Feb 10, 2013 10:00am PST
worker" newspaper office in new york. she led antiwar demonstrations for decades and refused to pay taxes. for day, the catholic worker wasn't just about good works. it was meant to be volionary. >>the catholic worker is essentially a school, you might say. i mean, it's a place where you -- where you -- a lot of young people come to us. it's a pacifist, anarchist movement, and they come to us to learn more about this point of view of beginning a change from the bottom up, rather than from the top down through unions and credit unions. you do away with banks by credit unions. you do away with interest. you do away with by mutual aid. you do away with possession of goods by sharing. >> reporter: dorothy day spent her final years at this catholic worker house in manhattan, where she died in 1980. now, she's on the road to sainthood, with the unanimous support of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops. >> all those in favor of supporting moving forward, please indicate by saying aye. >> aye. >> opposed? >> thank you, good to hear. >> reporter: new york archbishop timothy dolan is leading the
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
are a threat to democracy when you assassinate suspects! >> >> reporter: interrupted by anti-war protesters who say u.s. drone strikes aimed at killing terrorists have killed too many innocent people. >> i speak for the mothers of the children in yemen, pakistan, somalia -- >> the outburst delayed the start of the hearing. >> all right. i'm going to ask that this room be cleared. will the capitol police please clear the room. >> with the demonstrators removed brennan went on to defend the u.s. drone program. >> the men and women of the cia are frequently asked to undertake challenging, perilless and controversial actions on behalf of the american people. >> later brennan declined to detail a report suggesting enhanced interrogation techniques some terror suspects played a key role in tracking down osama bin laden. >> there clearly were a number of things, many things that i read in that report, that were very concerning and disturbing to me. >> for their part senators pressed brennan on the cia's reluctance in their view to share information with congress. >> i feel i've been jerked around
Feb 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
. that is what the bush administration said. >> you are portraying him as an anti-war hero -- >> chuck hagel had the decency and integrity, having voted to go to war, to come out against the war and apologize for the decision he made, something that has not been done by the hawks that took us to that war, told us there were weapons of mass destruction, and that they knew where they were. >> here is chuck hagel's history of the courageous speaker to power of the iraq war. when public opinion is in favor of going to war, he votes yes. when the war goes south, public opinion is against it, he comes out against it. and then he had this one opportunity to redeem the war, which is headed south, and the surge, which everyone and acknowledges it was a success. he voted against it because public opinion was against it at the time. speak to me about courage on this war. >> we have been fighting about the surge forever, and it is not worth fighting again. what i think is really wrong, you said this was not about john mccain or lindsey graham -- that is wrong. in a congressional hearing, it is about everybo
Feb 8, 2013 2:00pm PST
. in the 1960s during the civil rights and anti-war movements, music became a driving force in the struggle for social change. (seeger) there wasn't a single meeting that didn't have singing. "we shall overcome" was the most famous song, but there were hundreds of others. they'd change over a gospel song, put new words to it. very common technique. it's been done for centuries. "we shall overcome" was originally a fast song. [clapping] ♪ i'll overcome. ♪ i'll overcome someday. ♪ we shall overcome. when you sing "we shall overcome," your shoulders are touching because you're crossing your arms in front of you, and swaying across from right to left. [softly] ♪ we shall overcome. well, a month after the founding of sncc, this song was sung throughout the whole south. it was the song; it wasn't a song; it was the song. in it's own quiet way, it was taking confidence. you can kill me, you can beat me, but i know we shall overcome. (scott-mclaughlin) in the prisons, they would sing songs. when they we're being beaten by the dogs, they would sing songs. and you'd have to ask yourself what
Feb 7, 2013 2:30pm PST
the anti-war group, code pink. >> brown: then, we get the latest on the massive manhunt for a former los angeles police office wanted for murder. >> suarez: we turn to iran as the u.s. tightens sanctions but tehran shows no signs of halting its nuclear program or engaging in talks. >> brown: from our american graduate series, we have the story of a chicago non-profit that aims to change the lives of would-be dropouts. >> what's interesting about one goal is that it pinpoints and targets low-income, underperforming students in non- selective chicago public schools, students who are least likely to graduate from high school, let alone college. >> suarez: we look at newly released documents showing leaders in the catholic church in los angeles shielded pedophile priests and failed to report allegations of child abuse. >> brown: and gwen ifill talks with biographer jeanne theo- haris, who offers a complex portrait of the woman best known for refusing to give up her seat on an alabama bus in 1955. >> she is celebrated for one act
Feb 15, 2013 2:30am PST
piece, the title is the headline for a newspaper. anti-war activist immoh lates along kennedy's express way near giant flame of the millennium skull up tour 4 days before november 2006 elections and no one pays attention. everything but the heart reduced to ash. thank you. . >> i just want to thank george for bringing to bear some of the numbers, some of the horrific things that are happening in iraq right now. this poem was drawn from my experiences in iraq from the culture, from the music and from its traditions. so i have dedicated this poem to iraq. i think it will be helpful for you to know el kubenchi, along with el watanabi. el kubenchi is famous for music, a great history and tradition of music, and he has taught all the gray modern singers of the 20th century who came out of iraq. his music has touched me and you will hear it in this poem, 32 beads on a string. i woke from the nightmare of a gutted macom, not because i have not yet bled my life in yellow, but because minarettes looking sky ward. one burly buffalo looking for hooves and hot breath because the skin is not yet num
Feb 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
and anti-war protests and many of his subsequent writings reflects his experiences by stressing the importance of grassroots political activity in the african-american freedom struggle. his first book, end struggle snick and the black awakening of the 1960s remains a definitive history of student nonviolent coordinating committee, one of the most dynamic and innovative civil rights organizations of our time. he served as senior advisor for a 14-part award winning public television series on civil rights entitled "eyes on the prize." i know we all remember that. (applause) >> his recent, his recent publication, the book, martin's dream: my journey and the legacy of martin luther king, jr., a memoir about his transition from being a teenage participant in the march on washington to becoming a historian and an educator and, of course, if you sign up for a membership you can get that book today. it's here. in 1985 he was invited by coretta scott king to direct a long-term project to edit and publish the definitive multi-volume edition, the papers of martin luther kindergartenv, jr.
Feb 4, 2013 10:30pm PST
. >> even nixon went to the washington monument to meet with the anti-war demonstrators. >> i right in the book about this a little. if senator kennedy had been alive, he was so critical to the election of president obama. his endorsement in the pivotal period with the turbulence in turmoil early after south carolina, i think he would have been important inside the system as a push towards something bigger and would have pushed to have more connection to outside the beltway. obama it is now traveling on the country. he is forced to because of the election. if you sit inside the beltway too long and get in the backroom deals -- >> even movements can be cloistered. i remember a dinner during the george w. bush administration in southern california. it was norman lear and his wife, larry david, bob scheer. they were sitting around w eeping in their expensive soup about the fact that we were living in hell. rupert murdoch on the media. george bush was president. norman lear had his pulse on american culture for 30 years. why cannot figure out how to deal -- deliver a message that is imp
Feb 3, 2013 9:00am EST
of mass destruction to that is what the bush administration said. >> are portraying him as an anti-war hero. >> chuck hagel had the decency and integrity hing voted to go to war, to come out against the war and apologized for the decision he made. something that has not been done by the hawks that took us to that w, told us their weapons of mass destruction, and that they knew in where they were. >> we have toto move along. immigration reform. rerepublican get the message. >> a process thahat includes passssing a background check, paying taxes paying a penalty learning english, and then going to the back of the line behind all the folks tried to come here legally. >> we have fundamentaestions of lawfulness. do we have a system that will stop the continued flow of immigrants into the country? >> 11 1 million undocumented immigrants in the united states. what do you do with them? according to the few research center the president won 71% of the hispanic vote. is immigration reform possible at this timime, charles? >> absolutely. because of the election results, there are a lot of republb
Feb 20, 2013 3:00pm PST
a democratic president in order to end the war. the political analysis could be well in the anti-war movement going after linden johnson that hurt the democratic party but it also ended one of the worst wars in our country's history, and we have to ask the question what is more important the political ends or actually the policy ends. >> michael: right. but we could have this conversation for a while, because people who were against the war but really liked what johnson was doing at home were saying i don't want to sacrifice because i like what he is doing on a civil rights basis. but i understand what you are saying. let's talk about the environment. last week 40,000 people protested the keystone pipeline while president obama was golfing with two oil men. they likely benefit from keystone. now if george bush did that, it would be a different story. do progressives back the environmental policy here just because it's coming from him? >> i think that was good news that there is a part of the progressive movement that is willing to stand up to this president and go o
Feb 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
, the president's choice to run the cia was repeatedly interrupted by anti-war protesters. >> please clear the room. please remove -- >> reporter: it was a rare public appearance for a man who works in a windowless basement office of the white house. an architect of the president's war on terror, especially the rapid expansion of those cia drone strikes. it's largely been a secret war, but brennan promised to at least tell congress every time the cia targets and kills suspected terrorists. >> if i were to go to cia and the cia was involved in any type of lethal activity, i would damn well make sure this committee had that information. absolutely. >> reporter: brennan refused to confirm that the u.s. was behind the 2011 strike that killed an american citizen, al qaeda leader, anwar al awlaki, born in new mexico. but he forcefully defended making him a target. >> before he died, he was intimately involved in activities that were designed to kill innocent men, women and children and mostly americans. he was determined to do that. >> reporter: critics say the administration has relied so heavi
Feb 9, 2013 2:00am PST
five times, by anti-war protesters called code pink. they're upset about the drones. polls show for the most part those protesters out there, and they're legitimate, represent a small minority of the country. most americans back using drones to carry out targeted assassinations. and while senators took issue with the white house's secrecy surrounding the program, no one voiced any objections to the drones themselves. this is going to be a hot discussion here, too. cynthia tucker is a visiting professor at the university of georgia. ron reagan is an msnbc political analyst. i think you're both progressives. i was driving home from philadelphia last night, and i was listening to "the ed show" on radio, on satellite, and he took one of those polls. now, this question was hardly put together in a way that's justified one end of the answer, but it came out the other end i think. do you support the policy of targeted killings of american citizens? now, i would think maybe 1% would have said yes the way this was phrased. do you support the policy of targeted killings of american citize
Feb 24, 2013 9:00am PST
, it was revealed last year that the pentagon had amassed a database including anti-war protesters which poses, some believe, a great throat our privacy by the ptago that perhaps the f.b.i. -- the program is called talon. does that cross your jurisdiction or your desk? >> no, it has not. the -- that -- the pentagon is pretty much under the armed services committee or the appropriation commit dwlee deals with fund -- committee that deals with funding for the armed services which is the pentagon. but i suspect that after 9/11 there has been a hyped up intelligence source. my colleague porter gos who -- goss, who took over the c.i.a., i have talked to him. there's a heightened thought of what to do because of potential terrorism. >> have you heard about the n.s.a. we know about the warrantless eaves dropping and the flap over that. the president seems to not only successfully not been hurt by it, but he comes out a winner because the congress has come away from it because they don't want to appear soft on security. but the n.s.a., it is said, put cookies on those computers that inquierd into the n.s.a.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 116 (some duplicates have been removed)